Best of the Sunday papers’ MONEY sections 10th November 2013

1 min read Published: 10 Nov 2013

Independent on Sunday

How to dodge the lender's blacklist

Our mutual friends haver lost the plot

Shedding light on how to slash those rising energy bills

Sunday Telegraph

Care home fees: the scandal of secret mark-ups

Are you paying too much for dividend income?

A new wave of investment jargon baffles savers

Sunday Times (subscription)

Customers waste £300m on warranties

Investors stung by hidden commission

The gadgets to fight energy prices

Mail on Sunday

Torrent of water price hikes in the pipeline

When will interest rates rise?

Dixons launches £180 tablet

Sunday Observer

Widows and widowers' pensions could be axed under new proposals

Virgin Money Isas scale the best-buy heights

Continuing healthcare is a continuing struggle