The easy way to find the best free Kindle books

1 min Read Published: 06 Nov 2014

Free kindle booksE-readers such as the Kindle and ebooks have revolutionised the publishing industry. Not only can consumers buy e-books over the internet but authors can now self publish without the need for backing from an established publishing house. Just like I did with my kindle book 'The 30 Day Money Plan: Take control of your finances in just 5 minutes a day' which even featured in The Times newspaper's Top 10 Summer money beach reads.

So now not only can you get bestsellers cheaper if you buy the ebook versions but you can enjoy the next budding Stephen King's offering for less than £1. But the problems is how to find books the ebooks that are currently on offer and how to work out if they are any good before you buy them?

That's where comes in. Bookbub, the US-based ebook daily deal site, has just launched in the UK. Hugely successful in the US, you simply register your email address and the genre of ebooks you like to read and Bookbub will send you regular emails of free or discounted ebooks which might interest you. What's even better it includes links to retail sites where you can download the book, such as Amazon, but also check out the reviews.

Great cheap or even free kindle books suited to your tastes - what's there not to like about that?

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