80-20 Investor Reviews

Below are just a handful of the unedited reviews we've had from 80-20 Investor members. Unsurprisingly when we surveyed them:

  • 95% of 80-20 Investor members believe that 80-20 Investor is an important part of their investment strategy
  • 86% agree that 80-20 Investor has helped them improve the performance of their investments
  • 93% say 80-20 Investor has improved their investing knowledge
  • 83% would recommend 80-20 Investor to a friend or college
  • 93% believe 80-20 Investor is easy to understand

80-20 Investor Reviews

"If you thought you did not have the experience or time for investing in your future and reluctantly are about to go down the IFA route. Stop! Think again! The 80-20 investor is here to help. Each month a list list of funds that have made the grade are published, its designed so that you don't have to review every month. The best bit is that the inventor of the algorithm that produces the monthly investment list, Damien Fahy actually puts his money where his mouth is, publishing is own 50K investment using the 80-20 investor. Also he's here to help, providing detailed responses to your queries. " - Steve


"In the four months since I joined 80-20 Investor I have seen my portfolio grow by 13%. Before I began using the service I felt that my investments were under-performing but I didn't know why. I was invested in a number of household name funds but couldn't get clear information about why they were under-performing or when things would improve. 80-20 Investor provided me with straight-forward analysis of the issues affecting my portfolio's performance and I quickly realised that I needed to make some changes. I feel much better informed now and am enjoying the feeling of taking more control over my investments." - Kevin


"80-20 is a quick and easy way to ensure your investments are working for you."


"I fully believe that Damien is committed to making 80-20 as good as possible for his subscribers." - Mark


"The tools on the site and the vast amount of current information has enabled me to improve my portfolio performance. The annual fee was covered by the gains I made (and the losses I avoided) in the first month of making changes to my investment strategy. Thanks!" - Richard H


"As an average investor, having information to help make your own investing decisions is vital, rather than seeing your nestegg left to the whims of the market and an ifa's yearly review. 8020 can give you some of this ""clean"" information and not be a platform to sell you promoted funds." - Andrew


"I found Moneytothemasses.com and 80-20 Investor when I was looking for buy to let info after receiving an inheritance. Fortunately I found much more info on investing on the site and quickly realised there were better means to make returns than property. Never regretted for one second deciding to run with 80-20 Investor and Damien." - Richard


"If you want to take charge of your own investments, but lack the time to do your own research, I'd thoroughly recommend 80-20 investor. " - Elizabeth


“I think Damien is clearly demonstrating his successful approach through his £50k investment. As an interested investor for the past 10 years I did a lot of research but was unable to see the 'wood for the trees' and to make a clear decision on investment strategy. So I dipped my toe in with trackers initially and did fairly well and am now gaining in confidence to follow Damien's momentum funds. I particularly like Damien's approach which takes the emotion out of fund investment/ switching, which I am now following, with some good results. Keep up the good work." - Kevin


"I have been using 80-20 for 9 months and am so pleased with the results that I have now switched all my portfolio to funds suggested by the algorithm. " - Rhian


"I was very nervous to join and start investing my own money , but as I started making some investments and seeing how the process worked my confidence has grown and I wasn't to worried even when I started losing money , but since then I am up over 11% and it's all down to Damien showing us how he makes his choices allowing us to learn along the way ." - Martin


"My investing was a bit 'hit and hope' before joining 80/20 but now I feel I have a strategy and a purpose. I'm enjoying everything about it and learning lots too." - Richard


"Having followed the algorithm for over 3 months, I have been amazed by the returns and wealth of knowledge gained (more so with the British uncertainty). Having lifted my investment portfolio over 12% in 3 months, that's proof that anyone can follow this and make great returns. Thanks Damien and 80-20" - Ian Wheldale


"Probably the most important component of my DIY investment toolbox. I've learned so much, knowing where to invest time and money and what to avoid." - James