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Where should I invest £50,000 to £100,000? I have inherited £50,000...
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Best and cheapest investment platform for £50,000 savings

  How to choose the best and cheapest investment platform...
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Best Junior stocks and shares ISA

Best stocks and shares Junior ISA provider (& best Junior...
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Best Stocks & Shares ISAs

Stocks & Shares ISA Best Buy Table

PlatformSummaryOverall CostsMTTM Promotion
Cost effective for those with over £50k looking to manage own investments* LowN/AMore info
Good value for portfolios over £250k Average N/AMore info
Pricey for those with less than £20k LowN/AMore info
A good investment platform, especially for beginners or those with smaller portfolios*AverageN/AMore info
A cheaper white-labelled version of Fidelity InternationalLowN/AMore info
About the cheapest platform for SIPPs worth up to £100k or ISAs under £50k invested in unit trusts.*LowN/AMore info
Expensive, really aimed at share tradersHighN/AMore info
Good value for portfolios under £250k, no exit fees, wide range of investments. Let down by clunky site.*LowN/AMore info
Cost effective for over £250k, but iWeb is cheaper and also run by HalifaxAverageN/AMore info
Very competitively priced, particularly for investors with portfolios up to £100k. Large range of investments.*AverageN/AMore info
Fixed fee platform charge. 3 service plans. Among the cheapest for those with portfolios over £50k.*AverageN/AMore info
Unique in that they don't charge an on-going platform fee, awful websiteLowN/AMore info
Simple, no hassle passive method of investing. Decent track recordLowUp to 1 year no management fee on ISAsMore info
Market leader. One of the cheapest online investment services for managed portfolios. Also offers fixed allocation portfolios with max fees of 0.45% per annum*LowNo management fees for the first 12 monthsMore info
Standard account is expensive*HighN/AMore info
Low cost platform with no-frills website. Limited investment rangeLowN/AMore info
About the cheapest platform for SIPPs worth up to £160k or ISAs up to £80k, limited to Vanguard's own fundsLowN/AMore info
Low minimum, Low cost fixed feeLowN/AMore info
Low minimum, low cost and strong performance vs peers since launch*Low1st £10,000 managed for free for the​ first yearMore info
Similar pricing to Hargreaves under £100k, cheaper above. Poorer user experienceAverageN/AMore info