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80-20 Investor FAQs

80‑20 Investor empowers DIY investorsto make investment decisions,
minimising effort while maximising returns.

Through screening thousands of funds, 80‑20 Investor harnesses the power
of momentum investing. To safeguard against market fluctuation,
built-in stop loss alerts can help protect investments.

What you get with 80‑20 Investor

  • Exclusive weekly and monthly market insightemails
  • Regular investment researcharticles
  • Monthly ‘Best of the Best’ fund shortlistsplit by low, medium and high
  • Weekly ‘Best funds by Sector’ shortlist
  • Stop loss email alertsto help protect your investments
  • Ability to ask questions to Damien Fahy, founder of 80‑20 Investor
  • Exclusive accessto see Damien’s £50,000 portfolio and the changes he
  • Access to ‘Chatterbox’, our online community to exchange ideas
    with other investors

Do you have proof 80‑20 Investor works?

We track the performance of our fund shortlist versus the market and professional
fund managers. Unlike any otherinvestment expert or service, to prove
performance we’ve invested £50,000 of real money to show how 80‑20 Investor
can be used to successfully run your own money.

Since it’s initial investment, this portfolio has grown significantly. It
has outperformed the market, passive investing strategies and 90% of professional
fund managers.

In the first 17 monthsthe portfolio made over 11%while the market
made 2.81%.

How much money will I make?

There are no performance guarantees with 80‑20 Investor. 80‑20 Investor
empowers members to make informed investment decisions.

You should never invest more than you can safely afford to lose. The value of your
investment can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you originally


What types of financial products are monitored by 80‑20 Investor?

Our analysis covers Unit Trusts, Investment trusts and Exchange-Traded Funds

How many funds are monitored?

We analyse thousandsof unit trusts, investment trusts and ETFs. We only look
for the best opportunities for UK investors. As we are not linked to any fund
platform or stockbroker our research is truly independentand not restricted
in any way.

What is momentum investing?

Momentum investing is an optimisation strategy based on trends in the investment
. It is one of few approaches to consistently outperform
over the long term.

The key to momentum investing is identifying the latest trends, riding the best and
strongest until they’ve run their course or better opportunities arise. Due to the
time and data required to do momentum analysis, often only professional investors
and institutions have access to it.

Is 80‑20 Investor just momentum investing?

No. 80‑20 Investor is a unique algorithm which enhances the power of
momentum investing
. It considers other investment factors to risk-adjust
for the best performance
. The numerical analysis 80‑20 Investor
provides identifies some of the best trends to follow. Other techniques, such
as value investing, can also be effective so 80‑20 Investor provides
analysis on these too.

Does 80‑20 Investor constitute financial advice?

80-20 Investor does not constitute financial advice.

Material in email, on MoneytotheMasses.com or within 80-20 Investor and associated
pages/channels/accounts are for general information only and do not constitute
advice. As such we do not need to be regulated by the Financial Conduct

Information provided is not intended to be relied upon by readers in making (or not
making) specific investment decisions. You should get appropriate independent advice
before making any such decisions.

For full details, see our Terms & Conditions,
Privacy Policyand Disclaimer.


How do you make an investment?

80‑20 Investor provides insight and information only. Members make the
ultimate decision and invest via a fund platform or investment broker.

Do I need to use a particular fund platform or broker?

No, as long as they don’t charge you for switching in and out of funds you can use
any fund or investment platform
. The most popular investment platform used
by our members is Hargreaves Lansdown because of its wide fund choice.

What’s the minimum amount I need to invest to make 80‑20 Investor

There is no minimum investment amount. As a guide, typical 80‑20 Investor
members invest £10,000+.

What are stop loss alerts?

80‑20 Investor provides stop loss alerts on our ‘Best of the Best’
to help members avoid a severe market correction. If the
main share price of any of these funds falls by 5%from its monthly high, all
members receive an email. They are a trigger to do a portfolio review and
consider switching funds or into cash.


Can I pay using a debit/credit card?

You can pay directly by debit or credit card through the PayPal payment system. To do
this, you will need a PayPal account, with the money will be taken directly from
your chosen card.

We use PayPal as it has industry-leading security. We do not collect or store
members’ debit/credit card details.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

To upgrade, go to My Account and select the plan that you wish to change to. The
upgrade will come into effect when your next payment is due.

How do I cancel my account?

You cancel your account at any time. To cancel, go to My Account and select ‘Cancel
My Subscription’.

After cancelling your account you will have access to 80‑20 Investor for
the rest of your agreed term. After this, you will no longer have access to paid-for
membership areas. No money will be taken when you reach the end of your agreed

How do I re-join after cancelling my account?

Login and access My Account and select the plan that you wish to sign up for. As you
will have already had a free trial, your first payment will be taken

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About Damien Fahy

Founder of Money To The Masses

An investment veteran of over 20 years who is routinely quoted in the financial press and has made numerous radio and TV appearances, Damien Fahy is regarded as one of the most influential individuals in UK personal finance.

Fueled by a passion to provide consumers with transparent financial guidance Damien helps over 4 million people a year since he quit the City and launched Money to the Masses.