3 min Read 14 Jun 2020
If you already have a mortgage then you may be paying an unnecessarily high interest rate on your mortgage, so wasting money. Reviewing your mortgage may seem daunting but in reality, it’s easier than ever to do it all online. It is also possible to be alerted whenever there is a...

15 min Read 20 May 2020
Homeowners have been taking advantage of record-low mortgage rates to remortgage and move to cheaper repayments or release much-needed cash locked up in their property. This has become an increasingly popular option as homeowners decide to improve rather than move from their current abode due to high house prices and...

19 min Read 14 Feb 2020
Imagine you find your dream home but are unable to sell your current property. What if there was a way to have both? This is where a let to buy mortgage can help and in this article we explain how a let to buy mortgage works, what types of let...

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