Where to get free debt advice

1 min read Published: 10 Jun 2022

Where to get free debt advice If you find yourself struggling with your debts then you probably need some help and advice. Rather than respond to an advert for a short-term loan or seek the services of a debt management company, which will probably make matters worse, why not access one of the many free options for debt advice.

National Debtline

Offers free debt advice over the telephone, specialist advice is backed up with a range of self-help material.


Charity offering free debt advice since 1993, helping around 650,000 people each year. Sign up for a useful newsletter offering money advice and how to avoid debt.

Debt Advice Foundation

Debt advice and education charity established in 2002 and has a developed a useful range of educational material aimed at schoolchildren. It also has a free helpline.

Citizens Advice

Offers excellent advice on a variety of topics including debt. You can obtain advice from a Citizens Advice centre, over the telephone or via their excellent website offering a number of self-help guides.


Tully is the UK’s first completely digital debt advisory service. You'll need access to online banking and be prepared to share them with Tully to help build your budget and get free, confidential and personalised advice.

Business Debtline

Offers free and confidential advice for small businesses with a broad selection of self-help guides.