Deals of the Week

43 min Read Published: 26 Oct 2021

This week's top deals

The below deals are updated daily so be sure to bookmark this page and check back.

£15 Off Any Buyagift Experience w/ Code

Buyagift discountThis is a great deal that can be used on everything from bungie jumping to a relaxing meal.

When shopping on the Buyagift website, for a limited time, you can enter the code GQD46108DLK to get £15 off an experience when you reach the checkout page. There's no minimum spend too.

A few examples of deals you can claim include:

  • Afternoon tea for 2 at Patisserie Valerie for £10 (was £25)
  • 3 course meal plus wine for 2 at Prezzo for £15 (was £30)
  • Bungie jumping experience for £24 (was £39)

To view every experience you can get your hands on - head over to the Buyagift website.

The Catch: Only available until Friday

Expiry: Friday 29th October

Kids Eat Free At Tesco Café This Half Term

Kids Eat Free mealThis week, your kids can eat for free at a Tesco Café, when you show your Tesco Clubcard.

It can be used on breakfast, lunch or dinner, getting you a meal of up to £2.85 for completely free. This usually includes a drink alongside the meal too.

The deal is valid in England, Scotland and Wales and you can eat in or take away until 31st October.

You can find the kids menu to see what food they have to offer here.

The Catch: Must show your Tesco Clubcard

Expiry: 31st October 2021

£5 Off A £15 Spend At Amazon

How to buy Amazon sharesIf you're an Amazon shopper, this is a no-brainer! You may be able to get £5 off a £15 spend online from next week.

Head over to the promotional page to check if you're eligible, and if you are, you can add the promotional offer to your account.

You can't redeem it now, but from the 27th October - 31st October, this can be added to your basket and redeemed on your shopping. Make sure to set a reminder to add it then!

Some people are eligible and some aren't. We're not sure of why you might or might not be eligible - but it's worth a check.

To have a look and to claim the offer, head over to Amazon's promotional page.

The Catch: Not everyone is eligible

Expiry: 31st October 2021

25% Off 6 Bottles Of Wine, Prosecco & Champagne at Sainsbury's

25% off wineUntil Tuesday 2nd November, you can get 25% off when buying 6 bottles of wine or champagne at Sainsbury's.

This includes white, rose, red, prosecco and champagne, that cost £5 or more.

You can use this promotion on wines that are already discounted too, meaning even more money off. Here’s an example of how the stacking works:

Jam Shed Shiraz 75cl - normal cost £7 per bottle

- On sale for £6 (£1 discount)

- 25% off when you buy 6 bottles

After both deals the price drops down to £4.50 per bottle (£27 for all 6).

The deal is valid online or at superstores. For the full range of items included, see the Sainsbury's website.

The Catch: Not valid in Scotland. Must buy in groups of 6 to get discount

Expiry: 2nd November

Soap & Glory Star Gift - 10% Off + Early Access

Soap & Glory Star Gift Early AccessSoap & Glory bundles for Christmas from Boots are always popular. This year's one is being released on the 10th November - but you could get it a day early.

Boots is offering a sign up page, which gets you access to the deal on the 9th - ahead of the rest of the crowd.

What's more, you'll also get a 10% off code as part of the early access to get it for a discount too.

Once you've signed up, all the details will be emailed to you, and a reminder email on the day so you don't forget.

To sign up and to claim the deal, head over to the Boots website.

The Catch: Have to wait until 9th November

Expiry: Ongoing

Marks & Spencers Sale - Up To 70% Off

M&S Up To 70% offThe M&S sale has been boosted to up to 70% - with some big brands reduced.

The sale includes Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Beauty, Homeware and more.

You can find it both in store or online - and there's a free click & collect option, or free delivery if you spend over £30.

For more information, and to see what's included in the sale, head over to the M&S website.

The Catch: Only selected items are the full 70% off

Expiry: Ongoing

Free Giorgio Armani Foundation Sample

Armani Foundation Free SampleFree samples are always fun - and a nice thing to land through your letterbox other than bills.

This freebie from Giorgio Armani gets you a sample of their 'Luminous Silk' foundation.

Click through the options to enter your skin tone - and once your tone is selected, there's an option for getting a free sample.

Click that link, and enter your details for a sample to be popped in the post.

For more information about the foundation, and to claim, head over to the Armani website.

The Catch: Sample size - so may be small

Expiry: Ongoing

2 Pizza Express Pizzas,  Doughballs & Beer for £6

There's a good deal on right now at Asda, getting you 2 Pizza Express pizzas, a side and either a 4 pack or beer or soft drinks for £6.

2 pizzas on their own usually cost £7.50, so you can save quite a bit by getting a side and drinks on top.

You have a choice of the following options in each category:

Pizzas: Pizza Express Margherita, American, Sloppy Guiseppe, Cheese Feast, Pepperoni or Spicy Meat Feast

Sides: Pizza Express Dough Balls, McCain's Black Pepper Fries or Smoky BBQ Crispy Dippers

Drinks: Budweiser Lager Beer Bottles, Coca Cola Cans, Bud Light, Fanta or Sprite

This deal is available both online or in store.

You can find out full details and order the deal online on the Asda website.

The Catch: Must get 2 pizzas, 1 side and 1 drink to get the deal

Expiry: Ongoing

Halfords Free Winter Car Check (was £15)

Halfords Winter Car CheckThe cold weather can be harsh on a car. We all hate the dreaded noise of the engine trying to turn on after a cold evening.

Luckily, you can book in for a free winter car check at Halfords, to make sure your car is fit for the road in the cold. The free car check tests your tyres, the battery, coolant/antifreeze, wiper blades, windscreen wash levels and lightbulbs.

As part of the freebie, they usually top you up with windscreen washer for no charge.

If something is wrong, don’t feel like you have to buy something from Halfords though - as you may find it cheaper elsewhere.

You can find out full details and how to claim it on the Halford website.

The Catch: Must book on the website in advance

Expiry: Ongoing

Chocolate Tubs 2 for £7 at Tesco

Chocolate TubsRight now, Tesco has a clubcard price offer on chocolate tubs which are perfect for Christmas.

You can get 2 boxes of chocolates for £7 (or £3.50 each) both in store and online.

You have the choice between Celebrations, Roses, Quality Street or Heroes. If it's too early for Christmas, it might be the perfect time to indulge!

To find out more, and to order, head over to the Tesco website.

The Catch: Must have a clubcard and scan to claim

Expiry: Tuesday 19th October

Free Gin & Tonic At Greene King Pubs

Bombay Sapphire Free DrinkThere are 20,000 free G&Ts available nationwide at Greene King pubs, and you only need to fill out a form to get it.

Head over to the Bombay Sapphire website, enter your details and choose which flavour of G&T sounds the best.

Shortly after, you'll be emailed a voucher that you can take to a Greene King pub to claim your free drink.

It's only 1 per person, but if you went with a group of friends, you can all get one if you all fill out the form.

To find out more, and to claim, head over to the Bombay Sapphire website.

The Catch: Only at Greene King pubs

Expiry: While Stocks Last (20,000 available)

Free Days Out When You Play The National Lottery

Lottery Free Attractions PromoThis is a very interesting deal that can make you richer in 2 different ways.

If you play the National Lottery 'Lotto' draw after the 1st October (£2), you can get a £25 voucher for a number of attractions around the UK.

This is a promotion by the National Lottery to get people out and about.

You can choose from a number of attractions including major theme parks and attractions such as Madame Tussauds - but also lots of local places like castles, tours and stately homes.

If the attractions cost less than £25 (which most of the local ones do), then you can go for free.

Each member of your family can purchase a Lotto (or you can buy more than one for kids under 18).

You'll need to enter details of each ticket onto the special website to get the free attractions, so keep hold of them.

Full for information about the promotion, head over to the National Lottery website.

The Catch: One ticket per person

Expiry: When 320,000 voucher have been redeemed (or March 2022)

'Free' Personalised Letter From Santa

Santa Letter from NSPCCIt's coming up to that time, and there's a cool deal being offered by the NSPCC - that gets your child a personalised letter from Santa.

You can choose the design of the letter, and also type in your own message from the big man himself.

The letter will be delivered in time to build the magic before Christmas.

NSPCC ask for a donation in exchange for the letter, which will go towards helping vulnerable children this winter.

To find out more, and to make your letters, head over to the NSPCC website.

The Catch: Can only choose limited number of options

Expiry: While Stocks Last

Bailey's 1L Bottle For £12 At Asda, Tesco & Amazon

Baileys sale for £12If you wanted some Bailey's for Christmas, now is the time to stock up. It very rarely goes on sale, but now is one of those times.

Supermarkets have all dropped their prices on 1L bottles of Bailey's, down to £12 from £20.

You can find it instore or online at Tesco (with coffee and orange truffle flavours also included), Asda or online at Amazon.

The Catch: 1L bottles only

Expiry: While Stocks Last

Heroes, Quality Street & Celebrations - 3 for £5 (£1.66 each)

Chocolate Deal For £1.25 eachRight now you can pick up 3 boxes of chocolates for £5, making them £1.66 each.

It's available in store and online at Iceland, and can pick up any combination you'd like.

Usually being priced at £3 per box, it's a good £4 saving to get 3 of these in this deal.

To find out more, and to claim the deal, head over to Iceland's website.

The Catch: Icelands stores only

Expiry: While Stocks Last

2 Large Pizzas At Papa John's For £9.99 (norm £32.98)

Papa Johns Pizza DealIf you wanted a takeaway, this is a very good deal to get you 2 large pizzas.

This is quite an unusual deal, in the sense that you have to buy it through Wowcher.

There are only 49 locations involved in the deal, so make sure you check your local is available before buying.

Once you've bought the deal, you can enter a code on the Papa Johns website when ordering.

Find out more information, and to get the deal, head over to Wowcher.

The Catch: Only valid at 49 stores

Expiry: While Stocks Last

Free Box Of Granola At Waitrose

Free Pack Of Spoon GranolaRight now, you can pick up a free box of Granola at Waitrose.

To claim, you'll need to head to this offer page and enter your mobile number.

You'll then receive a cashback form through text, where you can take a picture of your receipt to prove you've bought the item, and choose whether to get paid through bank transfer or PayPal.

It's valid on Spoon Granola Happy Gut, which is priced at £2.95.

Find out more information, and claim it here.

The Catch: 400 available - go quick!

Expiry: While Stocks Last

Tesco Toy Sale Up To 50% Off

Tesco ShopTesco is getting ahead of the game in terms of toy discounts this year, offering 40% or 50% off a number of items.

This sale is valid until the end of October, and is available in store only.

While items may very per store, we know that lego is 40% off, and a range of other toys including Barbie and Play-Doh are 50% off.

These deals are set up as Clubcard prices, so you'll need to have a Clubcard and scan it at checkout to get this.

To have a look at what's on offer, head over to your local Tesco superstore - where there should be a number of toys reduced.

The Catch: In store only. Stock may vary

Expiry: Wednesday 27th October

BOGOF Meals In The Morrison's Cafe

Morrisons Cafe BOGOF foodMorrison's cafe has a lot of options for food, and you can buy one get one free after 3pm every day.

The meal you buy must be over £3.25 to get a second meal for free, but it's a great offer if you're looking for a late lunch or evening meal.

As part of its new menu, you can get burgers, pizza and cafe classics like fish and chips - all costing between £5-6. Ordering two will get one for free.

To see the full menu, head over to the Morrisons website.

The Catch: Must spend over £3.25 on both meals

Expiry: Ongoing

Amazon Audible 50% Off For 4 Months

Audible offer 50% offIf you've never signed up for Audible before, or you have and want to return to it, you can get 4 months at half price (£3.99 a month instead of £7.99).

The 4 months of Audible gets you access to 100,000s of audio books which you can download and listen to for free.

This includes some of the most expensive audiobooks on the site - which are north of £20 if you bought them without the subscription. Harry Potter books voiced by Steven Fry are some of them.

You can cancel after the 4 months are up, to stop being charged full price.

For more details, head over to the Amazon Audible website.

The Catch: Can't be an existing customer. But can be used if you've been a customer in the past

Expiry: Ongoing

Co-op Freezer Fillers Meal Deal For £5

Coop- Meal deal £5Right now, you can pick up 5 freezer items in store at the Co-op, and only pay £5 for it.

Usually when bought separately, these items would cost £12.40 - so it's a good saving.

Included in this deal is Birds Eye Fish Fingers, Birds Eye Large Fish Fillets, Birds Eye Garden Peas, McCain Oven Chips and Magnum Classic Ice Cream.

For more information head over to the Co-op website.

The Catch: Must buy all 5 in a transaction to drop the price to £5

Expiry: Tuesday 12th October

Indian Meal Deal For £7 - Including 2 Mains, 2 Sides & 4 Pack Of Beer

co-op meal deal indianCo-op is well known for its different meal deals - and this is a great one.

You can get yourself 2 main meals, 2 sides and a 4 pack of Cobra - which usually all together would cost you close to £15.

There's no coupon needed, just take the items to the till, and the price is deducted automatically. It's available nationwide in store.

For you mains, you can choose between Chicken Tikka, Chicken Korma or Butternut Squash Makhani. Sides gives you the option of Naan Bread, Rice or Onion Bhaji. And finally your drink can either be a pack of Cobra beer, or Coca Cola.

For more information about the deal, head over to the Co-op website.

The Catch: Must have the items in one transaction

Expiry: Tuesday 12th October


£10 Off £60 Spend Code At Asda

Asda £10 Off £60 spendIf you're an online shopper - this will be really handy. Asda rarely offers discount codes online, but are now.

You can get £10 off a £60 spend when entering the code ASDA10 at the checkout of your online basket.

There are the usual exclusions like lottery, baby formula and cigarettes that won't count towards the £60, but everything else including alcohol will.

The code is available until the 13th October, or when 49,400 codes have been redeemed - whichever is sooner.

For more information, and to claim the code, head over to the Asda website.

The Catch: Must spend £60 to get £10 off

Expiry: Wednesday 13th October

Ben & Jerry's 'Chip Happens' Tub For 99p

Whether you want it all to yourself on a quiet evening, or to share with the family - you can get a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for 99p.

It's valid on the 'Chip Happens' flavour, which is a new flavour in collaboration with Netflix.

You can pick this deal up at any Farmfoods supermarket throughout the country - and is in store only.

We're unsure when the deal will end, but it's likely to be snapped up quickly. You can find your nearest Farmfoods supermarket here.

The Catch: Only at Farmfood supermarkets

Expiry: Ongoing

Free Deliveroo Plus For Amazon Prime Members (Worth £3.49/month)

Deliveroo Plus Amazon PrimeIf you're an Amazon Prime member, you can get Deliveroo Plus for a whole year for totally free - just by linking the accounts.

Deliveroo Plus gets you access to free delivery fees and exclusive discounts, and usually costs £3.49 a month.

You'll be signed up for Deliveroo Plus Silver which gets you free delivery from all participating restaurants when you spend £25+ on your order.

To link the two accounts - it's fairly straightforward. Head over to this promotional page, and login with your Amazon Prime account.

If you're already a Deliveroo Plus member, you'll get 12 months for free.

You will not pay any subscription fee after the 12 months are over too - it automatically cancels.

For more details and to link your account, head to the Deliveroo website.

The Catch: Free delivery only on orders costing £25+

Expiry: Ongoing

TK Maxx Clearance Sale - Up To 80% Off

TK Maxx currently has a lot items on clearance - where you can get up to 80% off.

The sale includes clothes for both women and men, as well as homewear and kids toys.

You won't find everything at 80% off, but a majority of items are over 50%.

It's more of a pick and mix than anything else - so you can see if there's something that suits.

Head over to the TK Maxx website to see the full range of items.

The Catch: Limited items available

Expiry: Ongoing

Free Personalised Children's Book (Just Pay £1.99 Postage)

Beans And Sparks Free BookThis is a really cute little gift you can get for your kids.

The personalised book company Beans And Sparks are giving you a free personalised picture book worth £14.99, and you only need to pay £1.99 in postage.

You can personalise by adding a name, and also customise the character to make it look like your child.

The story is called “The Homesick Astronaut”, which your child will feature in, trying to ride their scooter in space.

By getting this offer, it does sign you up for a monthly subscription service which will charge you each month - but you can cancel straight away, to make sure you get the freebie and aren’t charged any more.

To find out more and to make your personalised book, head to its website.

The Catch: Signs you up for subscription (remember to cancel)

Expiry: Ongoing

Free Sample Of Bodyform + £1 Coupon

Bodyform Free SampleFree samples are great - and they're always floating around. It's a way to try out a product and sometimes get a coupon too!

This time is no exception. By entering a few details, you can get a free sample of Bodyform, plus a £1 coupon to use on your next purchase.

These samples will be sent through the post after you've signed up - so keep an eye on your post.

To claim it, you'll need to visit the Bodyform website and enter your details.

The Catch: Free sample won't be huge

Expiry: Ongoing

Up To 75% Off Sale At Debenhams

Debenhams Sale 75% offRight now at Debenhams, there is a huge clearance sale on 30,000+ items.

This includes womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and more.

As it's an 'up to' sale, not everything will be 75% off, but from a brief scan a lot of them are around the 50% off mark.

To see the full range of sale clothing, see the Debenhams website.

The Catch: Only few items are 75% off

Expiry: Ongoing

2 Mains & 2 Sides For £6 At Morrisons

Whether it's a Chinese or an Indian you fancy, this deal is one to whet the appetite.

You can pick up 2 main meals (usually costing £3.50 each), and 2 sides (between £1-£2.75), and only pay £6.

You can choose between such as a Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chow Mein - and the usual sides such as Spring Rolls and Onion Bhajis.

The deal is available both in store and online - and you must purchase 2 of each category.

For more information, and too see the full range of food, see the Morrisons website.

The Catch: Only at Morrisons

Expiry: 27th October 2020

Spotify Premium Free For 3 Months

Spotify PremiumIf you've never signed up for Spotify Premium before - this is a great offer. You can get a 3 month upgrade for completely free and can cancel anytime.

You can either be a brand new customer, or have just always had a free account that you haven't upgraded.

When claiming the deal, it will sign you up for monthly payments after the 3 months ends, but you can stop this from happening straight away so you aren't charged.

To claim the deal and find out more, see Spotify Premium.

The Catch: Can't get it if had premium before

Expiry: Ongoing

4 Main Meals & 4 Extras For £15 At M&S

M&S Family Dine In Deal £15M&S meal deals are usually good value, and this one stands out.

With this Italian family dine in deal, you can pick up 4 main meals including the choice of pizza and pasta, with 4 extras including sides and desert.

You can only pick this up at an M&S food hall, but you can check out the menu of what things are on offer online.

Getting a main meal and an extra for 4 people would work out at £3.75 each for a potential 2 course meal. Much cheaper than a takeaway!

For full details, see the M&S website.

The Catch: Only at M&S food halls

Expiry: Ongoing

Free £5 At Paperchase On Your Birthday

Free £5 at PaperchaseBirthday freebies are a great way to get a lot of goodies - just for being born.

Paperchase is one of the best, as they'll give you £5 to spend in store for free with no minimum spend on your birthday.

To get it, you'll need to head into store and sign up for a treat me club card. Once you have it, you'll be sent an email with your free £5 on the big day, with 28 days to use it.

You can buy a lot of things in Paperchase with £5, so it's a nice freebie that's worth getting.

For more information about the Paperchase Treat Me club, see the Paperchase website.

The Catch: Must wait until your birthday. Sign up with months in advance

Expiry: Ongoing

£10 Free Credit To Spend At Turtle Bay Restaurants

Turtle Bay Free FoodTurtle Bay restaurants, the home of Caribbean food, is giving everyone £10 free credit to use on food or drink.

It doesn't look like there's a minimum spend, and everyone can claim it by downloading the app and signing up.

Once you follow the steps, you'll receive a £10 credit in the 'perks' section of the app.

There are around 40 restaurants nationwide, so hopefully there's one close by.

For more information and to download the app, head to the Turtle Bay website.

The Catch: Restaurants only found in bigger cities

Expiry: Ongoing

Free Card At Moonpig - Just Pay 85p Delivery

Moonpig LogoMoonpig is a great place to go for last minute and personalised cards, and there is always some sort of discount.

At the moment, there is a code you can enter at checkout to get a card of your choice for free - only paying the 85p for delivery.

Standard cards usually cost £3.29, so it's a good saving.

To get it, enter the code MPFREEALKJGLKSFJGLKDJD at checkout, and the money comes off.

You can find the full range of cards available, check out the Moonpig' Website.

The Catch: Must pay delivery.

Expiry: Ongoing

Asos Up To 70% Off Everything - Including Nike & Adidas

Asos 70% offA new Asos sale is giving up to 70% off everything has launched.

It includes 1,000+ items that range from Asos own to big name brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Calvin Klein and more.

You can find items in both womens and menswear.

To have a look at whats on offer you can head to the womensware sale or mensware sale.

The Catch: £4 delivery on orders under £35

Expiry: While stocks last

3 Months Disney+ For £8 Tesco Clubcard Credit

Disney Plus Deal TescoDo you find yourself struggling to find out what to spend your Tesco Clubcard points on?

This is a brand new redemption which gets you a 3 month Disney+ subscription for £8 worth of Clubcard points.

Usually, paying for a subscription costs you £7.99 a month, so you're essentially getting 2 months free.

This offer is on until 2022, so you could purchase 4x 3 months subscriptions, to get a whole years worth for £32 Clubcard credit (much cheaper than £79.99 a year).

Disney+ deals are uncommon - so this is a great option if you like your Disney.

To find out more and to see the deal, see the Tesco Clubcard website.

The Catch: Have to collect Tesco Clubcard points to claim

Expiry: 1st August 2022

Free Sample Of Rituals Body Cream

You can claim a free sample of Rituals body cream, that's sent straight to your front door.

To claim it, you'll need to head over to the Rituals website, and fill out your details so they know where to send it.

You'll need to sign up to the newsletter as part of the freebie - but you can always unsubscribe once the freebie is received.

To claim it, and to find out more about the cream, see the Rituals website.

The Catch: Sample size, so won't be huge.

Expiry: Ongoing

FREE Film Of Your Choice To Rent (1,000+ Titles)

Chili Free MovieFilm website Chili are giving away a free rented movie to new members.

To claim your free film, enter the code SUMMERCHILI when landing on the promotional page to get your free film.

You can choose between a number of films including both new and older releases.

You can enter the code and sign up for the free film here.

The Catch: Only have 48 hours to choose your film after signing up

Expiry: Ongoing

Village Hotels £59 Rooms + £40 Food Credit

Village Hotels DealVillage Hotels have launched a new offer called Super Sundays - which gets you a one night stay and £40 food credit for two.

You can choose a number of locations around the UK including Birmingham, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Manchester and more - but of course, you have to book for a Sunday night.

Prices vary per city, but you can find many from £59 a night. Have a search through the price calendar to find the cheapest dates if you can't find one.

With the £40 food credit (which can be spend in the hotel pub & grill), you could say that your stay only costs you £19.

The deal is valid until the end of the year, but you'll need to do some trial and error to find the cheapest deals.

To find out more information and to book, see the Village Hotels Sunday Night Special.

The Catch: Must book a Sunday night/Monday morning one night stay. Other cities and destinations may cost more.

Expiry: 31st December 2021

FREE Doughnut At Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Free Doughnut Rewards SchemeKrispy Kreme (arguably the king of doughnuts) are giving away free original glazed doughnuts if you sign up for its reward scheme.

It's free to register and you can claim from either a Krispy Kreme store via your phone, or a Tesco counter by printing the voucher.

The cost of an original glazed is around £1.10 - so it's a nice little freebie.

For full information, and to sign up, see Krispy Kreme Rewards.

The Catch: Not many Krispy Kreme stores around the country & need to print a coupon for Tesco.

Expiry: Ongoing

£5 Off £30 Spend At B&Q

B&Q £5 off £30 spendB&Q are giving everyone who signs up to its B&Q Club a £5 voucher - when you spend £30.

To claim, you'll need to sign up with your email address and create a password. There is no physical card needed, and you'll be emailed the voucher shortly after signing up.

You can use it both in store and online, but will need to scan it from your phone if shopping in store.

For full information, and to sign up, see £5 off B&Q.

The Catch: You'll be added to B&Q's email list

Expiry: Ongoing

Tu Sale Up To 50% Off

The clothing section at Sainsbury’s (known as Tu), have a sale of up to 50% off selected lines.

This includes women's, men's, children and baby clothing - with over 750+ items included.

You can shop the sale both in-store or online, but it’s while stocks last. See TU sale.

The Catch: Selected lines only

Expiry: Whilst stocks last

5 FREE Pret A Manger Drinks Every Day For A Month

Pret A MangerPret A Manger has launched a new subscription service when dining in-store.

For £20 a month, you can get up to 5 free drinks a day, as long as you order each one 30 minutes apart.

The best part is, you can sign up for a 31 day free trial - getting both hot and cold drinks for free for a whole month.

You can cancel the subscription straight away, meaning you just get the free drinks, and pay nothing for it.

To sign up and find out more, see Pret coffee subscription.

The Catch: When signing up, they take £1 from a card (which is refunded), to test where the direct debit will come from. No more money will be taken if cancelled.

Expiry: Ongoing

FREE Newborn Nappies At Aldi

AldiNetmums has teamed up with Aldi to give away nappies to newborns.

Follow this link, and fill in your details on the form, and you'll be sent a coupon in the post to redeem at an Aldi store of your choice.

The coupon is valid for size 1 newborn nappies, which is usually priced at 79p for 24 nappies.

You can order one coupon per household - and would make a great gift for parents to be.

For full details, see free Aldi nappies.

The Catch: Only valid at Aldi

Expiry: Whilst stocks last

FREE Personalised Postcard Every Month (Just Pay Postage)

With the Free Prints Cards app, you can send birthday and greetings postcards - and get one free each month.

You still have to pay for postage, which is 85p, but it means you can make a personalised postcard from your phone and send it out each month for less than £1.

You can choose from a number of different card themes, including birthdays, get well soon, Easter, Christmas and more.

The postcards sent are 7” by 5” long (standard size), and you can customise with your own text and images.

You can order each free postcard on the 1st of each month, and they usually arrive within 2-4 working days of order.

For more information and to download the app, see free postcard.

The Catch: Only a one-sided card (postcard)

Expiry: Ongoing

FREE Odeon Cinema Ticket Every Month For O2 Customers

OdeonIf your phone contract is with O2, and you have the O2 Priority app installed, you can get a free cinema ticket each month.

The tickets are only available on Mondays, and only at Odeon, but this could save you up to £10 per ticket.

If you're signed up to O2 priority, you can find the deal here.

The Catch: Only 1 ticket every month - have to pay for more if going with a friend

Expiry: 31st Dec 2021