First year’s outperformance by 80-20 Investor revealed

4 min Read Published: 06 Aug 2015

80-20 Investor officially launched to DIY investors in January 2015. Since then 80-20 Investor has gone from strength to strength in terms of members and also in performance and the value it adds.

Yet as you will be aware, prior to its official launch in January the Best of the Best Selection had been running since 1st August 2014. That means that we have just passed the 1st anniversary of the Best of the Best Selection. With a year's worth of real live data it is now possible to see how the Best of the Best Selection has fared.

80-20 Investor's 1st year

We produce the Best of the Best Selection as a shortlist of the best funds highlighted by our 80-20 Investor algorithm split into high, medium and low risk categories.

The green line in the chart below shows how a portfolio would have performed over the last year if it had been split equally between the Best of the Best Selection funds and then switched each month when each new shortlist was published.

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