80-20 Best of the Best – movers and shakers

9 min Read Published: 29 May 2015


A total of 16 funds from May's Best of the Best Selection make it into June's selection. Below I list this month's selection in full with the 16 funds that regained their place in green while the new additions are in black.

In fact, the reason I have included the full list here is following a request to do so from an 80-20 Investor subscriber. Remember if you have any feedback or development requests for 80-20 Investor please let us know so that we can look to act upon them, as I have here.

June's Best of the Best Selection

(funds unchanged from last month are in green while new additions are in black)


Name Sector ISIN Code Risk level 7IM - Moderately Cautious Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares GB0033953497 Low risk 7IM - Unconstrained Targeted Absolute Return GB00B75MS619 Low risk Aberdeen - European High Yield Bond Sterling High Yield GB00B77QLR32 Low risk Aberdeen - European Property Share Property GB00B0H5MF69 High risk Aberdeen - UK Smaller Companies Equity UK Smaller Companies GB00B07T4636 Medium risk Artemis - Monthly Distribution Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares GB00B74BQB01 Low risk Aviva Inv - European Equity Europe Excluding UK GB0032494246 High risk Aviva Inv - High Yield Bond Sterling High Yield GB00B3CGJ878 Low risk AXA - Sterling Index Linked Bond UK Index - Linked Gilts GB00B0LLCP07 High risk First State - Global Property Securities Property GB00B1F76L55 High risk Franklin - UK Smaller Companies UK Smaller Companies GB00B7FFF708 Medium risk GLG - Continental Europe Europe Excluding UK GB00B0119370 High risk GLG - Japan CoreAlpha Japan GB00B0119933 Medium risk Henderson - Japan Opportunities Japan GB0007683203 Medium risk Henderson - UK Smaller Companies UK Smaller Companies GB0007447286 Medium risk HSBC - Chinese Equity China/Greater China GB0000204395 High risk JPM - Cautious Managed Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares GB00B09RGK38 Low risk Jupiter - Distribution Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares GB0031294183 Low risk Kames - Ethical Cautious Managed Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares GB00B1N9DX45 Low risk L&G - Global Emerging Markets Index Global Emerging Markets GB00B4KBDL25 High risk M&G - Japan Japan GB0030938475 Medium risk Neptune - UK Mid Cap UK All Companies GB00B3D7FD61 Medium risk Old Mutual - Cirilium Conservative Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares GB00B4LTHW43 Low risk Old Mutual - UK Mid Cap UK All Companies GB00B1XG7999 Medium risk PFS - TwentyFour Dynamic Bond Sterling Strategic Bond GB00B566LX69 Low risk Threadneedle - China Opportunities China/Greater China GB00B1PRW734 High risk

For reference the funds from last month that dropped out of the 80-20 Best of the Best list are listed below.

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