80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – August 2015 Update

6 min Read Published: 01 Aug 2015

A total of 11 funds from July make it into August's selection, which is just less than half of them. Below I list this month's selection in full with the 11 funds that regained their place in green while the new additions are in black.

Just as last time, I have included the full list sorted by both alphabetical name and then by risk category.

August's Best of the Best Selection - (A-Z by fund name)

(funds unchanged from last month are in green while new additions are in black)

Fund Sector ISIN Code Risk Aberdeen - European High Yield Bond Sterling High Yield GB00B77QLR32 Low risk Aberdeen - High Yield Bond Sterling High Yield GB00B5968F40 Low risk Aberdeen - Property Share Property GB00B0XWNM59 High risk Argonaut - FP Argonaut European Enhanced Income Europe Excluding UK GB00B7M3XX95 Medium risk Artemis - Pan-European Absolute Return Targeted Absolute Return GB00BMMV4J16 Medium risk AXA - Framlington American Growth North America GB0003509212 High risk AXA - Framlington Global Technology Technology & Telecom GB0006598998 High risk BlackRock - UK Absolute Alpha Targeted Absolute Return GB00B06L9G55 Medium risk Cavendish - Technology Technology & Telecom GB00B60SMN24 High risk CF - Miton UK Value Opportunities UK All Companies GB00B8KV0M06 Medium risk FP - Apollo Multi Asset Balanced Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares GB00B3FPF276 Low risk FP - Miton Undervalued Assets UK All Companies GB00B3BSKG91 Medium risk GLG - Continental Europe Europe Excluding UK GB00B0119370 High risk GLG - Technology Equity Technology & Telecom GB00B0119H13 High risk Henderson - Japan Opportunities Japan GB0007683203 High risk Invesco Perpetual - European Opportunities Europe Excluding UK GB00B28J0N53 High risk JPM - Cautious Managed Mixed Investment 0%-35% Shares GB00B09RGK38 Low risk Marlborough - High Yield Fixed Interest Sterling High Yield GB00B03TN153 Low risk Marlborough - Multi Cap Income UK Equity Income GB00B5L8VH15 Medium risk Natixis - Loomis Sayles U.S.

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