80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – December 2016 Update

17 min Read Published: 02 Dec 2016

11 funds from last month's 29 Best of the Best Selection regained their position in December's shortlist. November was a tough month for investors with the average multi-asset fund down 2% and it was a rare occasion as the 80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection (BOTB) underperformed falling 4%. But to put that into some form of context, the BOTB is still up 13.32% in 2016 alone, comfortably outperforming the average multi-asset fund by between 3.75% - 6.14%. At the foot of this article you can see how the 80-20 Investor Portfolio has continued to outperform the professional fund managers as well as the market since its launch over 2 years ago. Most of November's pain for the BOTB was felt in a single day via its bond global and Asian equity holding. These things happen and the catalyst was Donald Trump's election victory. Ultimately unless you had been 100% invested in US equities (or stayed in cash) you would have lost money as an investor during November.

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