80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – February 2020 Update

14 min Read Published: 07 Feb 2020

January was a strong month for the BOTB as investment markets tried to grapple firstly with the US-Iran tensions and secondly with the coronavirus outbreak in China. As the chart below shows the average return of the BOTB in January was 0.61% which compared favourably to that of the average professionally managed fund from the Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector (-0.05%) and the Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector (-0.40%).

The table below shows the standout performers within the BOTB for the month of January. Baillie Gifford Positive Change once again makes the cut. Interestingly the fund has a 6% exposure to Tesla, whose share price has doubled in a January alone. This is surely some kind of mania and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of pullback in the company’s share price.

On the other end of the spectrum the worst performing fund in last month’s BOTB was First State Japan Focus which fell over 4% in the wake of the coronavirus-induced Asian equity sell-off.

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