80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – July 2015 Update

15 min Read Published: 02 Jul 2015

A total of 7 funds from June's Best of the Best Selection make it into July's selection. Below I list this month's selection in full with the 7 funds that regained their place in green while the new additions are in black.

For the first time I have included the full list sorted by both alphabetical name and then by risk category. This is following a request to do so from an 80-20 Investor member. Remember if you have any feedback or development requests for 80-20 Investor please let us know so that we can look to act upon them, as I have here.

But before I start, here is an investing lesson born out of my analysis of over 2,200 funds.

During June when the Greek debt crisis escalated, clearly fund managers were unprepared as 96% of them lost money. Also the worst thing you could have done was to buy a gold fund such as BlackRock Gold & General (down over 10%).

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