80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – July 2016 Update

16 min Read Published: 01 Jul 2016

As half of this month's 80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection retained their place from last month's shortlist the portfolio keeps its reduced equity exposure. Global bonds still account for the largest component of the portfolio and although the portfolio has a low direct exposure to equities the 'alternatives' listed will include exposure to equities but via derivatives etc.

The 80-20 Investor portfolio performed spectacularly in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, gaining over 5% in the two days immediately afterwards while the FTSE 100 fell by over 5%. Also, despite the market sell-off no stop loss alerts were triggered on last month's Best of the Best Selection in the volatile week following the Brexit vote. That highlights the robustness of the 80-20 Investor algorithm at selecting funds.

Equity markets have since regained some poise, with most markets recovering their post-Brexit losses. Unsurprisingly the portfolio has not reduced its equity exposure further.

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