80-20 Investor Best of the Best Selection – July 2022 Update

8 min Read Published: 01 Jul 2022

Of the 30 funds in June's BOTB, 19 funds have retained their place in July's selection. This follows on from the previous month when 21 funds retained their place. The chart below shows the average performance of the BOTB during June (the green line) against a benchmark that is calculated using the respective sector averages for each fund in the BOTB and assuming the same asset mix (the blue line). You can see that the BOTB outperformed its benchmark once again, albeit marginally.

The chart also shows how the selection underperformed the average professionally managed fund from the Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector, which is typically more adventurous than the BOTB given its higher equity exposure. The BOTB's performance was dragged down by its commodity exposure as explained later.

The table below shows the top five performers from June's BOTB and it's good to see that Thesis TM Tellworth UK Select and Premier Miton Defensive Growth, which feature in my own £50k portfolio, make an appearance.

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