80 20 Investor – High, Medium and Low risk portfolios

17 min Read Published: 07 Apr 2017

One of the pieces of research that I've wanted to carry out on 80 20 Investor is to look at how the high, medium or low risk selections from historic Best of the Best Selections would have fared in isolation. For want of better words how would a notional high, medium or a low risk 80 20 Investor portfolio have fared.

Interestingly this is also something 80 20 Investor members have asked about. As you know I chart the performance of the overall Best of the Best Selection on this page. The aim is not to suggest that people buy all the funds but simply to give a graphical representation of how the 80 20 Investor algorithm is faring as a whole from a fund picking perspective. I can then benchmark the performance for users to see. However, 80 20 Investor is not prescriptive or dictatorial.

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