Alternative asset income heatmaps

1 min Read Published: 02 Mar 2023

I received the following question in Chatterbox regarding producing an income stream from alternative assets.

Hi Damien, I wondered if you might be looking to do an 80-20 for retiree’s sometime in the future? I know you already do Higher and Lower Risk selections but I don’t think these fit in very well for retirees. A focus on Income and much less Fund switching would be the sort of thing I’m thinking of. I’ve already used the UK and Global Income Heatmaps to invest in Equity Income Funds, hopefully for the long term. What’s missing is something for Bonds, Property and Alternative Investments.

It's a great question and so below you will find four heatmaps covering:

  • UK bond funds (includes funds from the UK Corporate Bond, UK Strategic Bond and UK Sterling High Yield sectors)
  • Global bond funds
  • Mixed-asset funds (includes funds from the Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares and Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sectors )
  • Property funds  (includes funds from the UK Direct Property sector and the Property Other sector)

One thing to note is that the heatmaps are only able to cover seven years of income payments as opposed to the 15-16 years for the standard equity income heatmaps as 10+ year data is not readily available.

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