Diversifying for a coronavirus second wave

5 min Read Published: 25 Sep 2020

If you have been reading my weekly and monthly investment notes you will be all too aware of the competing narratives that are influencing markets. Whether it be hopes of more monetary or fiscal stimulus, geopolitics, valuation fears, speculation or the coronavirus investors have been quick to react, often chasing their own tails. However, in the last week, the UK Government has confirmed that a second wave of the coronavirus is now on its way, along with stricter measures to curb its spread throughout the population. The UK is not alone, evidence of a second wave already exists in Europe, alongside increased lockdown measures in a number of countries, while the coronavirus death toll in the US has now surpassed 200,000. This has all helped to sharpen investors' focus on the threat that a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic might pose to investment markets. The question now is how could you position your portfolio to mitigate the potential downside from a second wave of the coronavirus?

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