Do fund switch delays hit your 80-20 investment returns?

9 min Read Published: 19 Dec 2017

Unit trusts remain the investment vehicle of choice for DIY investors. The reason why most people favour unit trusts over investment trusts or exchange traded funds (ETFs) is due to their availability and often because of legacy reasons. While investment trusts and ETFs are cheaper than unit trusts and trade instantly like shares not all platforms provide reasonable access to them. In time this will no doubt change and investors will embrace ETFs in greater numbers as and when that becomes possible. While 80-20 Investor provides research on unit trusts, investment trusts and ETFs the BOTB selection and my own £50,000 portfolio are constructed purely using unit trusts. The reason is not because I prefer them as an investment vehicle but because the vast majority of investors have access to them, while having limited access to investment trusts and ETFs. So it's important that I provide research that is not only robust enough to work with unit trusts but also useful to most investors.

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