Funds to ‘buy & forget’ in 2015 & the Perfect Portfolio

3 min Read Published: 22 Dec 2014

While the simplest way to benefit from 80-20 Investor is to use our quant analysis to decide what to buy and sell in minutes, based on momentum, I also provide in depth research, such as this article, which is not based on momentum yet enables you to instantly benefit from days of research by me. Again 80-20 Investing at work as you reap the benefits but with little effort on your part.

It's around this time of year that we are inundated with press pieces listing the Best & Worst funds' of the last year. Unless we are going to have a complete replay of last year you aren't likely to get the same result in 2015. Even from a pure momentum perspective taking a year's viewpoint is of limited use.

You're more likely to hit oil if you dig deeper!

As I mentioned, the year-end roundups don't provide much real insight to take forward.

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