How to find a diversified multi-asset fund to buy and hold

17 min Read Published: 30 Aug 2018

An 80-20 Investor recently asked a question via Chatterbox about selecting multi-asset funds as part of a buy and hold strategy. The member posed the interesting question of whether they could assume that all multi-asset funds have a good geographical spread?

My knee-jerk answer would be no, but having said that I have not researched the geographical spread of multi-asset funds to give a definitive answer. After all we should always favour facts over opinions. So I decided to look into the geographical spread and diversification of multi-asset funds because after all they are often marketed as a fund for buy and hold investors. But how diversified are they really?

What is a multi-asset fund?

A multi-asset fund is a fund that holds more than one asset type. Technically an equity fund that holds cash could be deemed as having more than one asset.

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