How to read the markets to quickly see what’s driving them

12 min Read Published: 19 Jul 2018

As long-term investors we shouldn't check our portfolios every day. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to understand what is driving markets. Understanding the current trends, or new developing trends, can be insightful and help inform investment decisions. Of course, the market rhetoric changes daily and if you were to respond to every change you would be speculating rather than investing.

The trouble is that reading the required books and daily articles to understand how markets work and what might be driving them would be a full-time job. 80-20 Investor is all about making investing easier and optimising the time you spend managing your investments. The aim of my latest article is to show you how I gain an insight, within seconds, as to what might be driving markets before I've even looked at the latest investment headlines. It also allows me to find the key news stories, amongst the noise, that are the most important to digest.

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