How to invest in the hottest industry sector and one with value

14 min Read Published: 16 Sep 2016

A key part of 80-20 Investor, aside from the algorithm and the fund shortlists, are the research articles. The aim is to give you access to the sort of research professional companies have. Or to put it another way, to give you access to your own research department - namely me.

Two 80-20 Investor members recently asked the following questions via Chatterbox:

The first was regarding the hottest sectors to invest in which I've slightly paraphrased for brevity.

Without going overboard any insights you may have into positive sectors would be useful. I’m thinking, for example, of so called hot market sectors. At the moment things like AI, internet security, and VR/AR are being seen as the next big thing along with solar energy. I’m a mathematical animal by nature, but am open to any avenue that would improve my returns.

The second question related to an individual sector, namely housebuilders:

Hi Damien, as you may remember part of my portfolio is interested in following my hunches and another part is linked to an income strategy.

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