Navigating market tops and bottoms

7 min Read Published: 30 Apr 2020

In recent weeks, I've written extensively about the stock market and the constructive signs to look out for that might indicate that the rebound is more than a 'dead cat bounce'. A key driver has been 80-20 Investor members' desire to know when 'the market bottom is in' after the fierce equity sell-off. Their plan presumably is to pile in while the market is 'cheap' and benefit from at least part of a rally back to new highs.

Equally, with the benefit of hindsight were there any warning flags investors should have heeded back in February in order to avoid the drop. In the days before the stock market crash began I published a note titled ‘Are we near the top'. It turned out to be very prophetic even if I had no certainty which way the market would go. But clearly, with the benefit of hindsight, the warning signs were there.

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