The outlook for Gold and Silver

11 min Read Published: 29 Jun 2017

In last week's newsletter I wrote to ask members if there were any particular areas of interest that they would like me to explore. Among the many responses (please keep them coming in) was the following question:

"I'm an extremely happy customer first off! 80-20 is just fantastic!

I write because I have approx 12K invested in gold and silver.  I've had it for years and was lucky enough to invest when gold cost half what it does now. I've waited and waited for the $5000/oz gold that may happen but I'm increasingly disillusioned with gold.  Particularly when I see the returns 80-20 is giving me.

I would need something like 80-20 to guide me as sitting on it is boring and I feel if I had traded more I might have done better. Maybe you know someone in the industry whose opinion you value. 

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