Protecting your portfolio income from dividend cuts

11 min Read Published: 10 Dec 2015

As 80-20 Investors know I'm regularly asked by the national press for my views on investing. This week a national newspaper asked me for my view on the worrying trend of FTSE 100 companies cutting their dividends.

While 80-20 Investor primarily focuses on growth I appreciate that a number of members also take income from some of their investments. That is why I also produce income focused research pieces such as The best funds for monthly income.

As an 80-20 Investor member, below you can read my full response to the questions (with a few additional insights too) that I was asked about investing for income. The questions were:

  • Eight major FTSE 100 companies have cut their dividends this year, including Sainsbury's and Tesco, and this week, Anglo-American. Why are they doing this?
  • Why is it bad news for income seekers?

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