The sectors with momentum right now…

6 min Read Published: 29 May 2015

80-20 Investor's unique algorithm identifies funds with momentum. It is designed to seek out those funds and trends that have a greater chance of continuing in the future.

This shortlist of funds is then grouped by its sector categories (such as Japan or UK All Companies) in our Best by Sector section.

We then pick the best opportunities from this selection based on the inherent risk level of each fund. This is how we arrive at our Best of the Best Selection

Since launch, the Best of the Best Selection (the green line) has significantly outperformed the market (black line) and the average fund manager (red line) as can be seen in the chart below (click to expand):


80-20 to june 2015



Yet it is always interesting looking at what is working in the current environment on a broad sector/asset basis especially if you want to decide the types of assets/sectors you want to invest in yourself.

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