Should you follow a star fund manager when they leave a fund?

8 min Read Published: 22 Mar 2018

When a fund house launches a new fund it needs to attract as much money as possible from investors in order to make it successful and profitable. One way to do this is to strike a deal with a leading fund platform which results in your fund being promoted favourably by them. While the fund houses and investment platforms will deny these kinds of deals take place anyone with a cynical eye will conclude otherwise. Alternatively, a fund house can poach a star fund manager from another fund house in the hope that loyal investors will follow him/her across to the new fund. But what constitutes a star fund manager? Fund managers that outperform their peers will inevitably come to the attention of the industry press and investors through aggressive marketing by fund houses. It means that some fund managers do attain cult-like status among financial advisers and armchair investors.

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