Technical analysis – where next for markets?

7 min Read Published: 19 Aug 2016

A new 80-20 Investor recently wrote to me to ask whether now was a good time to invest or whether they should wait for a market dip before committing any money. The backdrop to this question are the high valuations we are seeing in equity markets right now. In last week's weekly newsletter I explained how all three main equity indices in the US simultaneously hit all-time highs, something that hadn't happened since the infamous dotcom bubble of 1999. Often what goes up must come down so it's wise to celebrate such milestones cautiously. So are markets about to tumble or continue higher? Is there still scope for more upside before a correction materialises. Of course I don't have a crystal ball but in this article I hope to shed some light.

As you well know I regularly advise investors to not try and time the market because they will never get it right.

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