Technical Analysis update – August 2017

14 min Read Published: 09 Aug 2017

I tend to produce a technical analysis article every 3 to 6 months to analyse where key markets may move in the short to medium term. The last time I did this was in May 2017. However, the flood of Chatterbox questions this month voicing fears over a stock market correction prompted me to update my analysis sooner than planned. The summer is always a strange period in investing as the majority of market participants jet off on holiday. Lazy days on the markets where not much happens can suddenly give way to spikes in market volatility (see-sawing) exaggerated by the seasonally low trading volumes. Quite simply, if less trades are being made then each one has a more significant impact on the market.

It is always interesting to look back at my previous analysis (in this case in May 2017) and see how it held up.

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