Technical analysis – when will the market sell-off stop?

6 min Read Published: 12 Feb 2016

2016 is little over a month old and it is already turning into an annus horribilis. Equity markets are in a tailspin and investors are running for the hills as central banks start to look a bit panicky. But the question on every investors' lips is when will the slide stop?

It’s the million dollar question which I don’t hold the answer to. However, below I’ve provided some broad technical analysis, looking at areas of support and resistance, on the three key global equity markets to give some insight on what we might expect.

UK stock market

ftse 100


The FTSE 100 has had a torrid time of late and it doesn’t look like we’ve seen the end of it yet. When drawing support/resistance lines for a market they are more reliable if it connects at least 3 peaks or troughs. 

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