The best all-weather portfolios analysed

7 min Read Published: 03 Jul 2020

One of the most frequent questions I receive on 80-20 Investor is what asset mix should you follow? Which sectors should people invest in and in what proportions?

Of course my answer is that I can't provide advice and it is a personal choice. It is also dependent on your attitude to risk and objectives. The more risk-averse you are the less you will invest in higher-risk assets such as emerging market equities. The more adventurous you are the more investment risk you will be comfortable with taking.

My 50k portfolio approach

Next I often point people towards my own £50k portfolio and the monthly review articles. These demonstrate how I invest money using 80-20 Investor but most importantly they demonstrate how I manage risk. Or in other words how I attempt to gain the optimum return without taking excessive risk. Personally, when investing my portfolio I am usually guided by the asset mix of the BOTB, but I do also deviate from it.

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