The Perfect-timed portfolio

9 min Read Published: 02 Aug 2022

This research article is split into two parts. In Part 1 I look at the performance of the Perfect portfolios over the first half of 2022 and in Part 2 I explore the idea of applying market timing to the perfect (all-weather) portfolios.

Part 1 - Perfect portfolio performance update (2022)

Back in 2020, shortly after the pandemic equity market slump I carried out an extensive piece of analysis on a host of fixed allocation "perfect portfolios". Over the years there have been numerous famous books and research articles that have produced "perfect portfolios", which their authors claim have proven track records. Each of the portfolios was created with the aim of trying to simplify the investment process by giving a core asset mix which investors should invest in accordance with and periodically rebalance. These "perfect portfolios" have been heralded by their creators (and advocates) for their ability to produce strong returns in almost all market conditions.

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