The best funds to access the cheapest global stock markets

5 min Read Published: 16 Apr 2015

best funds for cheap stock marketsI received a lot of great feedback on my research piece last week 'Finding Value: The cheapest stock markets to invest in now'. I also received the following question via this month's Chatterbox.

Hi Damien, I found your article on the Cheapest Stock Markets historically interesting. From the list countries like Brazil and South Korea historically are cheap, but how would you invest in Brazil or specifically South Korea?

It is a great question and I really want to encourage people to put their thoughts and questions down in the Chatterbox section each month as it can help influence the research I produce and therefore give you the insights you are after.

How do you pick a fund that invests in one geographical area?

There are very few funds out there that invest in a single country but there are some.

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