The cheapest stock markets and sectors as we head into 2020

5 min Read Published: 21 Nov 2019

You may recall from the FREE email series you received when you first engaged with 80-20 Investor that one of the investment strategies, other than momentum investing, proven to work is value investing. In my recent newsletters I've highlighted how value stocks have outperformed their growth-orientated peers since the start of September as the market narrative changed. It has led some investment commentators to forecast a long overdue and sustained upturn in the fortunes of investing based upon value. Of course, whether this materialises is yet to be seen as there have been a number of false dawns over the last decade for value investors.

It therefore seems a good time to look at which global stock markets offer good value based on historical data. Since the last time we looked at stock market value (back in June 2018), following a significant correction in the autumn of 2018, we've seen stock markets rally strongly throughout 2019.

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