The funds for consistent returns – Update September 2018

5 min Read Published: 25 Sep 2018

I'm fundamentally opposed to buying and holding funds for the long-term as you can make more money by regularly reviewing them.

However, I understand that there are times when you might not want to or can't switch your funds as often as you might want. For example, you may have a pension scheme which offers a limited choice of funds or restricts the number of switches you can perform. Or it may be that you like to have a core stable selection of funds in your portfolio around which you more actively invest to boost returns.

You will probably already be familiar with my Perfect ISA Portfolio which focussed on the perfect asset mix for consistent returns. However a few years ago I carried out a piece of research identifying funds for consistent returns. In other words, are there any funds out there that seem to consistently outperform their peers which aren't just focused on capital preservation?

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