The funds to buy to benefit from eurozone QE

14 min Read Published: 16 Jan 2015

pile of eurosMore than 6 years on from the financial crisis a number of central banks around the world attempted to steady the ship by printing money, or quantitative easing (QE) to give it its correct title. While the mechanism of how the process works in each case may differ, to all intents and purposes it's printing money. While the likes of the US, Japan and even the UK have tried QE the European Central Bank hasn't and almost certainly looks likely to in the coming weeks.

Investors will know that QE has driven equity markets to new highs over the last 5 years and a lot of them have made a lot of money. So if the ECB is about to fire up the printing presses can DIY investors benefit and what should they buy?

What happens when central banks print money?

First let me quickly explain what happens when central banks print money (QE).

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