The Global Income fund Heatmap

1 min Read Published: 29 Feb 2024

Following on from the update to the UK equity income Heatmap, which empowers 80-20 Investor members to quickly build a portfolio of UK income funds to provide a sustainable growing income, here I update the Global Income fund Heatmap

An important part of building a sustainable income stream is to diversify it, and that includes geographically. There are countless income opportunities for investors if they broaden their horizons and invest in shares globally. Just because you are based in the UK doesn't mean you should only invest in the UK.

Global equity income is a relatively new area and as such there are far fewer global equity income funds to chose from, compared to UK equity income funds. However, there are still some good opportunities. That is why I've applied the same rigorous research process to the global equity income sector as I did to its UK focused peer.

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