The investment outlook for 2019

19 min Read Published: 29 Dec 2018

This time last year I wrote a 2018 investment outlook which now makes for interesting reading. It is well worth revisiting the article with the benefit of hindsight and I am actually pleased with how accurate most of the outlook turned out to be.

The general theme of last year's forecast was whether 2018 could be as good as 2017 for DIY investors. The odds were always against a repeat performance for 2018 and as this year comes to a close nearly every stock market index around the world has closed firmly in the red. As we head into 2019 the question has now become whether the market can recover from the disappointments of 2018, or whether things are about to get a whole lot worse?

Despite 80-20 Investor being based upon data analysis and not crystal ball gazing it is still an interesting exercise to look at the consensus market view of what may happen in 2019, if only for curiosity.

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