The Perfect ISA Portfolio 2024 – is it all over?

7 min Read Published: 28 Mar 2024

Long-term 80-20 Investor members may remember that nine years ago I embarked on a research endeavour to find the Perfect ISA Portfolio.

In simple terms, I was trying to work out the Perfect ISA Portfolio asset mix (or whether one even existed) that met all the following criteria:

  • There would be no constraint over which assets could be included or in what proportions they could be held
  • The portfolio must have made money every tax year since the market peak back in 2000
  • and not lost money
  • It had to at least beat a FTSE 100 Index tracker over the entire time period and
  • The asset allocation had to remain constant throughout that time (with annual rebalancing to ensure this)

So, in essence, I wanted to find the perfect 'buy and forget' asset allocation.

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