The UK stock market: where the City’s smart money is investing

9 min Read Published: 06 May 2015

Fund mangerI recently met a group of UK equity fund managers from a number of fund houses including AXA Framlington, Invesco Perpetual, Schroders, Neptune & JO Hambro. The fund managers run over £3.5 billion of investors' money between them.

What they all have in common is that they run UK equity funds. So what is their view (the so called 'smart money') on the prospects for the UK stock market in the coming months? What parts of the UK market have them most excited? Not only do these managers run billions of pounds worth of money between them but they also have access to an army of analysts and economists. DIY investors are never privy to what the City really think, or at least they weren't. Below I give 80-20 Investor subscribers exclusive access to what some of the top fund managers are doing and where they see opportunities to make money

One thing they are all nervous about is the Election (plus its aftermath) and the impact it could have on the UK market.

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