The Winter Fund Portfolio review 2020

8 min Read Published: 21 Nov 2020

Last year I produced a piece of research titled 'The Winter Fund Portfolio – exploiting a seasonal trend'. The research was inspired by a recognised phenomenon in investment markets whereby, according to the Stock Market Almanac, the 1st November marks "the start of the strong six-month period of the year for stocks".

There are a whole host of theories as to why this seasonal trend may exist. My research piece produced two Winter fund portfolios which had successfully exploited this seasonal trend over the last 10 years. I named these the:

  • Consistent Winter Fund Portfolio
  • Aggressive Winter Fund Portfolio

The methodology of how I built these portfolios can be found in the original research piece (see link above). Interestingly, in the November 2020 Chatterbox an 80-20 Investor member asked whether I planned to revisit the Winter Fund Portfolios and review their performance, which is what inspired this update.

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