The unstoppable Perfect ISA portfolio

10 min Read Published: 23 Mar 2017

By now 80-20 Investor members will be accustomed to the fact that I will put my neck on the line based upon my investment research. The aim of this research is always to try and answer those difficult investing questions others shy away from. More importantly the aim is to spark that inquisitive fire within 80-20 Investor members and encourage them to apply it to investing. Or to put it another way, I am trying to teach you to think like an analyst.

However, the word analyst is often mis-used. For me an analyst should behave like a scientist, although rather than carry out experiments in the physical world he/she experiments on investments and data. Often a lot of research you will read in the press starts with a conclusion that the company (or researcher) wants to prove because that conclusion will be a good PR or marketing angle.

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