Update to Damien’s alternative risk portfolios

15 min Read Published: 13 Dec 2019

Usually, I would have reviewed my £50k portfolio by this point of the month, however, with three potentially market-moving events in a matter of days, the possibility of a spike in volatility and aggressive market moves I thought it prudent to wait until next week before reviewing my portfolio. The three key events in question are the US Federal Reserve rate-setting meeting, the UK general election and the US-China tariff deadline on the 15th December. At the time of writing the outcomes of the last two are still as yet unknown.

So I think it is an opportune moment to take a step back and review the performance of the higher and lower risk versions of my £50k portfolio, which some of you may not realise exist as I publish these alternative portfolios at the foot of my monthly £50k portfolio reviews. The higher and lower risk Damien's portfolios were launched back in April 2018.

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