Where next for the price of Gold and Silver?

6 min Read Published: 26 May 2023

A 5% holding in gold has been a consistent part of my own £50k portfolio and remains a long term ‘buy and hold’ allocation because of the diversification benefits it provides. The inclusion of the iShares Physical Gold ETC was inspired by my research article "Should you ever invest in gold? If so how much?" which I published in 2015. I plan to update this article in the coming days to see if the findings remain valid, especially as we've experienced some historic market conditions in recent years.

But it's also been a number of years since I've considered the outlook for precious metals, which included both gold and silver. Recently I published a technical analysis article on the outlook for key equity markets and the value of the pound, so I think it timely to do the same for gold, especially given that it has rallied almost 25% since the autumn of 2022.

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