Will there be a Santa rally in 2017?

5 min Read Published: 30 Nov 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for UK investors. The table below shows the total return (so taking account of the moves in the value of the pound) of key stock market indices. My own £50,000 portfolio is up 12.44% so far this year and it has only a 60% exposure to equities, where of course the indices listed below are 100% invested in equities.

Name Year to date % FTSE Eurofirst 300 15.64 Nikkei 225 15.12 MSCI AC World 13.7 S&P 500 11 FTSE 100 TR in GB 8.52

As we reach the end of November our attention turns to the final weeks of 2017 and the Santa Rally. It's a theme I've not looked at for a couple of years so I thought it time to update my previous research. This year the Santa Rally phenomenon is particularly interesting given the scale of this year's equity rally to date.

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