Will there be a Santa rally in 2023?

5 min Read Published: 09 Dec 2023

It's been three years since I last wrote about the Santa rally phenomenon. I last looked at it back in 2020 just after the US election and the discovery of the covid vaccine. But while there was (and still is) significant historical evidence of the seasonal Santa rally trend existing over the long-term, back in 2020 there were early signs that the magic of Santa was starting to wane. So as promised, I have updated the research to shed light on the odds of there being a Santa rally in 2023.

What is the Santa Rally?

As a recap, the Santa rally is the name given to the end of year stock market rally. Traditionally the term Santa Rally describes a rally in stock prices during the month of December, or more specifically the trading days between Christmas and the second trading day of January.

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