Social Responsibility

Our Planet

We are passionate about protecting the natural ecosystems of the world and want to do our bit to help conserve threatened habitats and endangered species by making our business climate positive.

Every month, we invest in projects that offset the carbon footprint of Money to the Masses and our employees. This includes the energy used to run the Money to the Masses website and the carbon footprint of our staff in their personal and professional lives. 

What are we doing and why?

We want to have a real impact on the health of our world which is why we go beyond the simple life adjustments of increasing our recycling.

In 2021 we moved our digital infrastructure to data centres that use sustainable energy sources and have high Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings – an indicator for measuring their energy efficiency.

We also continue to improve the energy efficiency of our website and digital tools. We do this by using efficient coding, caching technology and utilising data centres as close to our users as possible. Our web pages are cleaner than 79% of web pages tested by the Website Carbon website. Whilst we are proud of our achievements we will always look for opportunities to improve further.

But we are also mindful that we are responsible for a wider carbon footprint than just our own as our website is used by millions of people every year. This is why every month we fund projects that offset the impact of our visitors using Money to the Masses and its tools.

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Our Society

We believe that real impact also comes from supporting local organisations and projects.

It’s no secret that we LOVE football and have been big supporters of women’s and girls’ football for some time.

In May 2022 we agreed to sponsor two local girls’ football teams to give more local girls the opportunity to play football.

Our Giving

At Money to the Masses we are acutely aware of the struggles that people go through in their daily lives. The main charity we support is Crohn’s & Colitis UK which does amazing work in raising awareness for those suffering from this invisible but very painful and debilitating disease.

We are also proud supporters of Bromley Brighter Beginnings’ annual Christmas in a bag initiative. In 2022 these bags will help 611 vulnerable children living across the Bromley borough at Christmas. They include toys, books, games, pyjamas, activity vouchers and small items for the wider family. Crucially this year they also include supermarket vouchers which our donation has helped to buy.

We also run an employee matched giving scheme where we match charitable funds raised by staff members for causes close to their heart.