#askDamienFahy epsiode 2

2 min Read Published: 13 Dec 2016

What is #askDamienFahy?

In the early days of MoneytotheMasses.com one of the most popular sections of the website was the 'ask Damien' section where readers posed questions that I subsequently answered in the form of articles. Even today many of these articles are still the most popular posts on the site.

I have been wanting to re-energise this aspect of MoneytotheMasses.com for a while and the continued success of our podcast had me pondering if there was a more personal and fun way to do this. Well I'm excited to tell you that this week finally saw the rebirth of this section in the form of a new weekly #AskDamienFahy video feature. Each week I will tackle some of the many questions that I receive from readers in a short 2-3 minute video. You can watch the first video by clicking on the image below.

It also goes without saying that I'd love you to send me your questions so that I can cover them in subsequent videos. To ask a question either enter it in the comment box below or tweet me @money2themasses

#askDamienFahy episode 2

In this episode of #AskDamienFahy I answer:

1 - How much money can you make from investing in shares? (more info here)

2 - Which is better – investing in funds or shares? (more info here)

3 - Is financial advice worth it? (more info: 10 things to look for in a financial adviser)

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